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Momentum Health provides a targeted end-to-end platform for implementing health-contingent wellness programs.

Biomedical Health Screening

M-Score Results

Progressive Behavioral Interview

Blood and Biometric Tests

Improving your M-Score

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  • Health Engagement

    Traditional programs simply report back biomedical results and leave the participant without an active plan for behavioral change. Momentum Health engages your employees year-round with a customized health plan, periodic re-assessments, incentives, social-networking, and health coaching.

  • Coaching

    Momentum Health works directly with your employees with both onsite visits and webconferencing tools. Our staff includes nurses, registered dietitians, and certified fitness trainers.

  • Wearable technology

    Heart monitors and other wearable technology not only provide a means to quantify exercise and effort, but offer the ability to engage the entire workforce in a mutual healthy endeavor.

  • Rewards and incentives

    Employers that wish to incent their employees directly can offer our award debit card. As a participant achieves his or her health goals, Momentum Health will automatically deposit funds to a white-labeled debit card.

Biomedical Health Screening

Our process is thorough and comprehensive, utilizing an in-depth analysis of a full venipuncture blood draw and in-person biometric assessment, evaluating a total of 51 individual biomarkers.

The Momentum Health screening includes nicotine, cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, complete blood count (CBC), chemistry and electrolyte panel. All these biomarkers play important roles in the overall health and wellness of the individual and are necessary to assess potential health risks accurately. In addition, our screening incorporates six biometric measurements including height and weight, waist and neck circumference, body composition, and blood pressure.

Through intuitive and user-friendly graphics, each of the different biomarkers is reported, with a clear explanation of the test, individual result, and effect on the participant's health and wellness.

Biomedical screening




Metabolic Syndrome

M-Score Results

We focus on the three most critical lifestyle-related conditions: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Each participant receives a score showing how effective he or she is in controlling these factors. Each factor is scored on an easily understandable 0 to 100 scale. In addition to the three most critical factors, each participant receives a composite Momentum Score measuring their success in avoiding risk factors.

A score of 0 indicates significant barriers to personal wellness and growth, as well as significant room for improvement. A score of 100 shows the opposite: that the participant has made an outstanding effort in reducing lifestyle-related risk and that he or she is on the right pathway for health and wellbeing. The goal is to engage all participants to achieve a score of at least 70. This score indicates a below-average risk for lifestyle-related ailments and a foundational attention to personal health. For those who fall below the 70 mark, we work to motivate them as they move forward, requiring a five point improvement before the next screening.

Progressive Behavioral Interview

The next step is to use our unique Progressive Behavioral Interview to evaluate the opportunity for improved health based on the distinct behaviors of the individual. The interview analyzes lifestyle habits and determines the optimal course of action to reduce the risk of lifestyle-related illness.

Unlike traditional survey offerings, our interview is delivered in a progressive fashion at different points throughout the year, drilling down on issues and barriers that the participant identified in previous sessions. Participants interact with the PBI via an exclusive chat-like interface, which lends itself to deeper engagement.

Progressive Behavioral Interview

Blood and Biometric Tests

Momentum Health analyzes 51 different biomedical measurements for each participant. The results are presented to the participant in a clear and easy to understand format, showing how the results compare to the general population, and what can be done to improve the values. Additional tests can also be included in the company-wide test package for an additional fee.

Test Standard
Albumin / globulin ratio
Alkaline phosphatase
Corpuscular hemoglobin
Corpuscular hemoglobin conc.
Corpuscular volume
Cotinine (nicotine)
Test Standard
HDL cholesterol
LDL cholesterol
LDL / HDL ratio
Platelet count
Red blood cell distribution width
Red blood cell count
Relative basophil count
Relative monocyte count
Serum creatinine
Total bilirubin
Total cholesterol
Test Standard
Total cholesterol / HDL ratio
Total protein
Uric acid
White blood cell count
Basal metabolic rate
Blood pressure
Body composition estimate
Hips circumference
Neck circumference
Waist circumference
Resting heart rate
Hemoglobin A1C
Prostate-specific antigen
Thyroid-stimulating hormone

Improving Your M-Score

After the screening is complete, Momentum Health takes the initiative to guide the participant toward his or her own individualized health goals. Staying engaged over an extended period of time is critical, so we regularly monitor the results to ensure success.

Momentum Health strives to make the raw biomedical data comprehensible. We break down the components of the Momentum Score into a color-coded guide. Red represents a health barrier, a danger zone which employees are encouraged to move beyond. Yellow signifies an opportunity for change, the potential of the participant to change his or her behavior and achieve better health. Finally, green represents that the participant is on the right path, or in other words, that he or she is on the optimal course for personal wellness.

The color zones help participants understand their place within a spectrum of overall health. Used in conjunction with individually-tailored tips, this information provides a way to look at the individual's current health status and identify the optimal ways to transform behavior. Scores in the red or yellow range include specific recommendations for improvement, helping to keep the participant engaged and on track.

The report offers details on how the individual lifestyle-related risks -- cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome -- affect their lives. Participants gain a wealth of knowledge that they can use to achieve healthier future.

Finally Momentum Health fulfills its commitment to inspiring wellness by offering targeted wellness initiatives. Each one is professionally led and designed to boost individual health. These offerings include:

  • An organizational health audit
  • Health coaching
  • Lunch and learns
  • Webinars
  • Onsite health clinics

Momentum Health aggregate report
Momentum Health individual breakdown
Momentum Health MyPath score

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